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      State Grid Nanchang Wanli Power Supply Company: Make every effort to ensure that the electricity for spring plowing and irrigation does not affect the agricultural season

        "After inspection, it was found that there were no foreign objects on the Hongniu sub branch of the 10kV Xinglu line, and the power supply was normal and safe to meet the requirements of spring plowing power supply. On March 19th, staff from the Zhaoxian Power Supply Station of State Grid Wanli Power Supply Company recorded the results of the drone inspection in their work log."

        It is understood that Wanli Power Supply Company will coordinate the spring safety production inspection work, establish a linkage mechanism, reasonably arrange the operation mode of the power grid, dynamically adjust and optimize the maintenance arrangement of power transmission and transformation equipment on the basis of not affecting the electricity demand of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, effectively strengthen the load forecasting work during the "agricultural" period, timely obtain weather, soil moisture, and changes in agricultural and drought conditions, and grasp the negative trend of changes during the spring plowing period. At the same time, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of spring plowing and irrigation lines and electrical equipment, conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of drainage and irrigation lines and equipment within the power supply service scope, and ensure that the reactive power compensation device can reliably switch based on the reactive power balance during the load period of spring plowing and irrigation. In order to enhance emergency response capabilities, the company has summarized the experience and lessons learned in responding to natural disasters in previous years, established and improved accident repair and on-the-job mechanisms, supplemented emergency facilities, equipment, equipment, spare parts and other materials, strengthened inspections of important line equipment, and timely discovered and eliminated equipment hazards. Each power supply station shall organize personnel within the station to implement a 24-hour duty system, prepare for equipment failures at any time, promptly solve various electricity problems in spring farming and irrigation, and make every effort to ensure the electricity supply for people's livelihood.

        As of now, the company has dispatched 85 personnel for spring plowing, irrigation, and electricity protection, and identified and dealt with 12 hidden dangers. The company stated that it will always stand at the height of safeguarding people's livelihoods, emphasizing the overall situation, and taking responsibility, continuously optimize power dispatch, smooth the service channels for spring farming and irrigation, and lay a solid foundation for the development of agriculture and rural areas. (Gao Zhongju)


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