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      Looking at China: Add "Oil" for a Beautiful Spring

        On March 19, in Anyuan County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China, the sun shines brightly and everything grows. From the air, the fields are flowing with gold and color, stretching for dozens of miles, as if the golden waves, and the distant green mountains, green tiles and white walls of the residential area, showing a spring idyllic scenery.

        After the "Awakening of Insects" festival in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, flowers, plants and trees enter the rapid growth period, and the 4299,634 acres of rapeseed fields in Anyuan County ushered in the most beautiful scene of the year, with rapeseed blossoms blooming, attracting colorful butterflies and bees dancing among the flowers. The fragrance of the flowers is intoxicating. A large number of tourists came to the city, walking through the golden sea of flowers, trekking, enjoying flowers, taking pictures and recording the beautiful scenery of spring.

        Rapeseed is China's number one edible vegetable oil raw material, the seed oil content of 35~50%, can be extracted or used as fodder, the extracted oil is also known as rapeseed oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, has great benefits for health. Meanwhile, the young stems and leaves of rapeseed can also be used as vegetables. Rapeseed flower has important economic value, but also because of the beautiful flowers, long flowering period and ornamental value, by the majority of people's favorite, is widely planted in Jiangxi Province, Yunnan Province, Qinghai Province and other places.

        According to statistics, this year, 4299,634 acres of rapeseed in Anyuan County is expected to produce more than 4,000 tons of rapeseed, which can be processed to make 1,200 tons of vegetable oil, increasing income for local farmers. Meanwhile, a large number of tourists can also drive the local tourism industry to flourish during the flower-appreciation period from March to April.

        As a pioneer of rural economic development, the State Grid Anyuan County Power Supply Company took the initiative to dock the whole link of rapeseed industry, organizing staff to go deep into the fields and oil enterprises, the power facilities to carry out a comprehensive "physical examination" to ensure that the power is safe and reliable, add “oil”for the beautiful spring. (Liu Yiqun  Sun Qingfang)


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