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      New Quality Productive Forces of Chinese New Farmers in the Eyes of International Students

        Highly educated youngsters have chosen to start up their own businesses and seek employment in rural areas. This group, known as Chinese “new farmers”, brings new ideas, thoughts, and methods to their hometown, facilitating the development of smart agriculture, ecological agriculture, cooperative agriculture, rural logistics and rural e-commerce. Driven by new and high-quality productive forces, agriculture is taking off, leading to the upgrading of rural industries. Among countless young entrepreneurs, there is a science geek who took the path less traveled by——his name is Li Meng.

        The first thing about “new farmers” is that they are “new”. Li Meng, the son of farmers, remembers that his parents sowed and harvested seeds depending on the weather, but were quite helpless when encountering natural disasters. Now, he writes codes for “seeds” so that fields can grow “chips” and enables “tile-like grey chickens” to lay eggs. To help farmers save efforts and money, Li Meng provided funding to farmers to help them acquire skills in mechanization, informatization, and intelligence. The “new” in the eyes of Jia Yin, represents a shift from a single specialty to comprehensive talents. Li Meng not only knows scientific farming and breeding, but is also proficient in agricultural science and technology. Although the “new farmers” are still called “farmers”, they have effectively connected the primary industry with the secondary and tertiary industries, extending the entire agricultural industry chain. In their growing process, the government has provided strong policy support.

        The rise of the “new farmers” is not only the success of individual entrepreneurs but also a profound transformation of traditional agricultural models. They demonstrate the modernization of agriculture with actions, injecting new impetus into the rural economy and instilling hope in farmlands. In this era, the countryside will not be forgotten, but rather it is where lush mountains and lucid waters abound, where memories of their hometown are held, and where new farmers pursue their dreams.(南昌航空大學 謝華)


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