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      State Grid Fengcheng Power Supply Company: Ensuring that spring plowing does not affect farming hours

        Spring returns to the earth, and all things revive. At the high standard farmland site in Makou Village, Rongtang Town, Fengcheng City, Yichun, Jiangxi Province, with the roar of engines and the rolling of soil, a canal of spring water slowly flows into the vast farmland, and a spring plowing and preparation animation is unfolding.

        On March 15th, State Grid Fengcheng Power Supply Company organized staff to go deep into the fields of Makou Village, increasing inspection and inspection of field lines and equipment, to ensure the safe use of electricity for spring farming and irrigation by farmers.

        The high standard farmland in Makou Village, Rongtang Town, Fengcheng City covers an area of over 600 acres. In the past, the ridges and ridges of the fields crisscrossed here, making planting difficult. In recent years, after the transformation and construction of high standard farmland, narrow fields have become wide fields, and small fields have become large fields. When viewed from the air, the ditches and fields are leveled, presenting a neat and orderly arrangement.

        Since the beginning of spring, the workers of State Grid Fengcheng Power Supply Company have been present in the fields of various towns and villages in Fengcheng City. The daily work of line inspection, visiting and troubleshooting, safety promotion, and emergency repair to ensure electricity supply provides strong guarantees for stable electricity supply during the spring plowing period, without delaying the farming season. (Xiong Wei)


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