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      State Grid Jiangxi Zhelin Hydropower Plant: Taking Multiple Measures to Ensure Flood Prevention and Preparedness

        On March 15th, the figures and footprints of remote sensing personnel Ren Huiqun and Qin Erwei from the water management team of the State Grid Jiangxi Zhelin Hydropower Plant's hydraulic workshop appeared again in the mountainous fields. On that day, they were scheduled to conduct a full coverage pre flood inspection of the Zhelin Reservoir satellite water situation automatic measurement and reporting system.

        The Zhelin water monitoring and reporting system adopts a hybrid networking method combining GSM communication and satellite communication. At present, there are 2 central stations and 21 telemetry stations distributed in areas such as Zhelin, Wuning, and Xiushui. These stations are known as the "thousand mile eyes" of reservoir scheduling, through which they can obtain information on basin rainfall and water conditions, providing a basis for flood forecasting and reservoir scheduling.

        At the Xiushui Dongjin Telemetry Station, the master and apprentice cooperated harmoniously. They first used a firewood knife to cut off miscellaneous branches, then laid a line to measure the lightning protection grounding resistance value. By checking the various data indicators of the telemetry station, they judged whether they met the requirements of the water situation measurement and reporting system specifications, ensuring that the equipment operated normally and the communication between the main and backup channels was normal.

        According to the long-term rainfall forecast for the Zhelin Reservoir, the annual rainfall in the province is nearly 10% higher, and the Xiuhe River Basin is 10% higher, indicating a possibility of early flooding. Zhelin Hydroelectric Power Plant plans ahead, carefully organizes, conducts rolling analysis and judgment on flood and drought conditions, and strives to do a good job in reservoir scheduling to ensure the safety of the dam during flood season.

        As a national key flood control unit, flood control has always been the top priority of safety production work for the Zhelin Hydropower Plant. The power plant is based on preventing early and heavy floods. At the beginning of the new year, a flood control plan is formulated, and the overall deployment of annual flood control work is carried out to ensure that important equipment and facilities of the power plant are in good condition and do not enter the flood season with diseases. The factory conducts comprehensive inspections and maintenance on dams, hydraulic structures, flood discharge equipment and facilities, emergency power supply, etc. in conjunction with spring maintenance work, and requires that all hidden dangers discovered be rectified before the main flood season arrives. At the same time, professional technical forces from various workshops were organized to carry out pre testing and emergency drills, and a total of 31 pre flood work projects were completed. (Yu Xuchuan)


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