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      Looking at China: the taste of Gannan in spring

        "It rains in succession during the Qingming Festival". In late March, there are still ten days before the Qingming Festival in China's traditional lunar calendar. All parts of the country have entered the rainy season, flowers and trees have begun to grow, and full of green is everywhere in the mountains.

        In Gannan area of Jiangxi Province, China, local residents will look for a special plant in the fields, which has a special fragrance and grows especially fast around Qingming Festival. People picked it, boiled it in hot water for a while, then rubbed it to remove the bitter taste of the plants, put it into glutinous rice flour in proportion, and mixed them constantly to make emerald round cakes, wrapped them in fillings with different tastes such as fresh meat, sauerkraut and sugar, and steamed them in a pot, which became a popular traditional Hakka snack in Ganzhou-Aimiguo. Amigo has a unique flavor, which is good for health. Locals like to use it to worship gods and entertain guests.

        Daqiao Town, Xinfeng County, Ganzhou City has a history of making Amigos for thousands of years. Now Xinfeng Amigos has become a well-known snack in the country. The local area has made every effort to build the Amigos industry, from concentrated planting of wormwood to wormwood processing and Amigos production. Amigos have become the "rich fruit" for local villagers to increase their income and get rich. Every year, the local government holds the Amigo Cultural Festival, which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country.

        Industrial prosperity is inseparable from power security. State Grid Xinfeng Power Supply Company strongly supports the vigorous development of Amigo industry and the holding of cultural activities with folk characteristics with practical actions. It organizes personnel to visit wormwood planting bases and Amigo workshops regularly, and carries out the Amigo Cultural Festival to keep electricity every year, so as to make Amigo fragrant in Wan Li with electricity. (Liu Yiqun  Liu Chunfang  Guo Hongwei)


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